Investor Visa for Italy

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Investor Visa for Italy is a 2-year visa for non-EU citizens who choose to invest in strategic assets for Italy’s economy and society.

How to apply
In order to obtain your investor visa you first need a Nulla Osta (certificate of no impediment) to be released online by the Investor Visa for Italy Committee (IV4I). Afterwards, you can go to the Italian representation in your country of residence to apply for a 2-year investor visa.

10 reasons to invest in Italy

  1. One of the world’s top economies and markets
  2. A strategic logistics hub connecting global markets
  3. A key global player in manufacturing and export
  4. A highly-competitive machinery sector and a strong ‘Made in Italy’ brand
  5. Excellence in r&d and innovation
  6. A skilled and competitive workforce
  7. An unparalleled cultural offer and country brand
  8. A strong set of policies and incentives to improve competitiveness
  9. A reform-minded administration, pro-business and pro-growth
  10. A country open to foreign investment
  • Source: Ministero dello sviluppo economico