Parma City of Gastronomy with Italia Hospitality at GRIF 2020

Thursday, 30 January 2020

parma grifItalia Hospitality will be present at the Global Restaurant Investment Forum 2020 (Amsterdam 11/13 February 2020) with Parma City of Gastronomy.

Parma City of Gastronomy is a club of home product that protects the typical products of the Parma area which guarantees authenticity and uniqueness to the travel experience in to the city. Nowadays about 250 producers - farms, wineries, dairies, delicatessens - restaurateurs, hoteliers, tourism operators, guides, escorts, operators have gathered in the Club of "Parma City of Gastronomy", which protects the quality of the products and it also guarantees the authenticity of a unique experience offering heavily thematized experience and customizable, paths that stimulate feelings and emotions through the five senses, especially the taste.

Parma Unesco Creative City for Gastronomy is the epicenter of the Italian Food Valley, in fact Emilia-Romagna is the European region with the highest number of PDO and PGI products, and in Parma 20% of the Italian turnover is made with products PDO and PGI. The entrepreneurial ability has transformed Parma in the engine of the food preservation industry, such as tomatoes, fish products, bakery and pasta as well.

Parma is one of the destinations with the largest number of typical products protected by quality brands in Italy: Prosciutto di Parma Dop, Parmigiano Reggiano Dop, Culatello di Zibello Dop, Fungo di Borgotaro Igp, Coppa di Parma Igp, Colli di Parma Doc wines and many others.
The landscape, the culture and the food in Parma have always been united each others by hard connection. Also the gastronomic heritage is a unique combination of resources, excellence and anthropological expressions that represents the identity, history and know-how of the community: the ideal context to promote the development of "creative tourism".